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I have been hibernating in the past weeks and strongly feel this reset of a new year. Of new beginnings. New lives. Do you feel the shift that is happening?

This is a time where I find my myself both excited by new visions that are sprouting in my heart and at the same time still feeling the need for slowing down, reaching inside, rather than outside.

Although for a long time I thought life expected me to keep going, deep inside I feel that this time of hibernation has a natural function. It is like the pause of an outbreath; it’s the moment in which you can connect with your essence.

Can you feel at ease with the formlessness, so inherent to this time of our natural cycle? Or are you fired up, ready for the pursuit of your new goals?

This year, I will try to bear with mother nature. This month I’m practicing to keep calm. Knowing that on an unconscious level, I am building my strength and my fierceness.

With love,