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This time of year, nature shows us it’s of utmost importance that our seeds of new ideas, new dreams and desires receive a lot of attention – both literally and figuratively. By protecting and sustaining them. Only with this commitment, these seeds will be able to take root and secure a basis for further growth in our world of forms.

Now is the time for initial explorations in order to receive initial feedback. By starting these kind of exploring relationships with the outside world, first forms may carefully become visible.

Nourish your sources of inspiration

In this phase, it is smart to bring order en let structures form itself. Which will be of service to this starting growth process. Next to these practical activities, it remains important to nourish and maintain your sources of inspiration.

Become aware of the first sprouts of your ideas and perhaps start a first sketch. The forms are not there yet, but the contours are becoming more visible – little by little. Perhaps in symbols or vague visions, sometimes in a concrete idea. Be conscious of what is unfolding from within and what is starting to take shape.

Structure comes from within

Know that structure comes from within and is always supportive for the process of action. It’s never restricting in any way. It’s important this structure offers support and will make things flow and manifest easier later on.

Get organised, start preparing and create the right conditions for your tasks in the outside world. This requires definition and choices. For example, what is the essence of what you want to be doing, what limits do you have to maintain and protect? Ask yourself: where do I try to impose structure from outside? When do I find it difficult to trust a structure will unfold by itself?

To read more about this month’s seasonal wisdom, I highly recommend the book ‘Leven & werken in het ritme van de seizoenen’ from Jaap Voigt (only available in Dutch).

Much love,