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Earlier this week I joined a business gathering where intuitive entrepreneurs were coming together to build an ‘intuitive year planning’ and set intentions for 2016.

For business-related projects, I’m used to working with very left-brained approaches. But I must admit, the task of filling in all the, shall I say, ‘old paradigm’ chapters are not very appealing to me at this point in my life. Although this lineair way of working has proven to lead to success in the past to some extent, it doesn’t dictate my ways anymore.

How I am working now, is the result from a big shift I have been making in my life in these past years. It’s the shift from a standpoint that I had taken in my life towards achievement since elementary school. You could call it ‘Perfectionism’. Or you could call it working from a solar plexus in overdrive that very much leaned on an ‘all or nothing’ approach to what my will power set out to achieve.

This way of working has brought me many good things I needed when I was learning and growing as a young adult: a load of straight A’s during all of my educational endeavours, a roof over my head, financial safety, a successful career in marketing and communications, lots of praise from colleagues and clients. My long time friends still view me as She Who Was Good At Everything.

During my years of personal development and spiritual growth I learnt that with this perfectionism, I was holding onto an unconscious belief that was rooted in an overall feeling of unsafety: If I do all this perfectly, I will be safe. If I achieve the best of the best, no one can touch me. Letting go of this belief, was so overwhelmingly liberating.

Blog_Beeld_2016 Manifestation

It opened the door to another way of working and living. Living from the heart. With confidence and ease – trusting that whatever I give form to and choose to create: if it comes from my genuine passion and my desired vision, life will bring me in return whatever I need to make that vision come to life.

What would the world look like when we would all work from our innate uniqueness, our deepest creative essence and respect our connectedness with humility and grace? What would that do to balance, equality and health in the biggest sense possible? How unbelievably inspired LIFE would be? Wasn’t it intended to be this way all along?

What struck me again while crafting my intuitive year planning, was the amount of FREEDOM I felt come rushing in – again. I can choose to set out my dreams for this year. Even if they feel a bit far-stretched and unreal in a way: why not choose to bring forward my desires and put my will power into service of what I long for most?

When we tune into our marketing strategies, let’s feel into these questions too (much thanks to Spiritual Business Coach Suzanne Groenstege):

  • How will I nourish my soul? In terms of holidays, leisure, inspiration, etc.
  • How does my soul want to express itself? Or: What does inspired action look like to me? In terms of workshops, events, trainings, writing a book, an online program, sessions, new services/products, etc.
  • What are my five (or more) Big Dreams for this year?
  • What will I do when I find myself outside of my flow? Five-minute actions that bring me back into my flow, such as meditation, a walk outside, music, etc.
  • How will I reward myself for my efforts, every month? Let’s learn to receive and act from self love…

My intention for 2016 are revolving around MANIFESTATION. I will focus on Connecting, Co-Creating and Celebrating. There you go, three C’s – an old habit I will lovingly cling onto.

I’m looking forward to inviting you this year, to join me in my dreams and creation spree. More information, coming up soon!

Much love and inspiration to you,