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Feeling overwhelmed sometimes, in the fast-paced stream of everyday life? As if your energy is scattered all around the place and you don’t know how to jump back into your own natural flow? The one that is yours. Where you feel at home, at peace, in one piece. Where you feel grounded in your body, not so much in your head and everywhere.

Three ways to stay true to yourself in these moments:

  1. Know that you can only manifest in the current moment

There is nothing but now. The urge to change or the resistance to it, are both part of the same game: the game that keeps you from being the everflowing creative power that you are.

  1. Remember yourself and be present

Perhaps instead of wandering off into the mind: feel your body. It is your instrument. Be grateful for it, take care of it. Ask your body what it needs for nourishment: movement or rest? What kind of food? Does it need warmth or coolness?

  1. Accept that you don’t know and ask for guidance.

Sit down with empty hands in your lap, palms up and relax. Close your eyes en sense it from within: I don’t know. My personality, my ego – it does not hold all the answers. Then ask for guidance. Your inner teacher will reply. Just be still, listen and trust the answer.