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I have come to experience journaling as an essential part of my personal growth journey. Reading back in my writings, helps me to see the interconnectedness of my own themes, efforts and insights. It puts in perspective where I am now.

We often think we know ourselves, right? Because we are always with ourselves. But if we don’t aim our conscious awareness towards truly witnessing our thoughts, feelings, needs and experiences, we don’t really learn to know ourselves. Journaling is a way of holding your own space. With attention, authenticity and compassion.

Three benefits of keeping a journal:

  1. Resolve your emotions and feelings

Writing down your emotions and feelings, helps to put your attention on the experience with the focus of consciousness. Being with your emotions and feelings is the way to slow down enough to gain control over the behavior. Read more wisdom on this topic here:

  1. Commit to your ideas and intentions

Processing your ideas and intentions on paper will help you ground them in the here and now. Most personal commitments go unfulfilled because you have not written them down.

  1. Monitor your progress

You will forget invaluable details of where you are now. Journaling helps you remind yourself of your accomplishments. By directing your conscious mind towards making observations, you will be able to learn more about your life and having an active approach towards it, rather than operating on autopilot.